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Listing Your Business, Product or Service on

Whatever your promotional needs may be, listing your Artisanal product, business or service on will help expose your business to a whole new audience. Join our Brand New directory and allow customers to find you rapidly and easily.

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Where to begin

You have arrived at this place, so maybe you are contemplating adding a listing to and now, you may want to know a little more. was conceived as an hub for Artisans, and that is still the intention, but the initial concept has been ‘Turbo Charged’, for want of a better phrase. The horizons have expanded, now here we are.

 We are delighted to present this directory for you to use, FREE of charge. It is a wonderful thing that so many people from all over the world may be newly exposed to the wondrous world of Artisans, their products, their skills and their businesses. It is a win-win situation. So now the work continues. This little piece of the WWW is a demanding little child but a much loved one whom, hopefully, may grow every day.

Adding Your Listing

The first bit of advice to budding ‘Listers’ is to take a look around. Check out where you fit in. Look at the different categories, and the photos on the current listings. See which ones stand out the most. Think about why? Then go away and get some great photos, or logos, and a round-up of what your listing is going to be about. Bring your website links, your social media links, video links, then begin. It will take no time at all to input the info once you have it all ready. Then you are done. But what if your category is not there? Contact Us. Let us know. We will endeavour to add categories to suit your needs.

Remember that your photos are the forefront of your business. It’s what your potential customers will see first. Make sure they look their best. Please ensure they are not too small, or too large. Ideally a minimum size of 1280 pixels on the longest side. Files that are too big will take too long to load on some devices. Therefore potential customers may get impatient, and click away. Look at your listing once finished, and if the image doesn’t look good, then simply upload a bigger version. If you cannot resize your images yourself, simply email the photos to us and we can take care of it.