Sell Handmade Jewellery Using the Power of Touch

Did you know that allowing people to touch, feel and try on your handmade jewellery increases that chances of a sale?
Sell Handmade Jewellery Using the Power of Touch

No “do not touch” signs

Have you ever visited a booth at a craft or jewellery show and been confronted with a sign that says, “Do not touch”? Chances are your reaction to that sign wasn’t overwhelmingly positive. It may well have intimidated you a bit and caused you to hurry on to the next booth. Sometimes the message you are conveying is that the handmade jewellery you are trying to sell is untouchable. Jewellery that you display underneath acrylic cubes or behind glass sends the message to the customer that they’re not welcome to touch. Unfortunately, this general atmosphere in a jewellery booth is not the way to sell handmade jewellery.

Did you know that the chance of selling a piece of handmade jewellery rises significantly when the customer is able to hold it and feel its texture? Jewellery buying is an emotional experience. When customers are able to touch the smooth precious metal and admire up close the brilliant colours of your artisan creations, they connect on an emotional level. At that point, the decision to buy sets in and you’ve made a sale.

Trying on increases the chance of a sale

Another way the power of touch comes into play when selling handmade jewellery is when your customers try on one of your pieces. At this time, other senses come into play as they see the beauty of the piece on their skin reflecting back from the mirror you hand over. When they hear the “oh’s and ah’s” from those around on how stunning the piece looks with their hair and eyes, an emotional connection is made and you’re one step closer to a sale.

As you can see, if you want to sell handmade jewellery, touching needs to be part of the experience. Although you may feel a bit protective of your jewellery pieces after all the hard work you put into them, your main objective is to sell handmade jewellery and you need every possible advantage to distinguish your work from the other jewellery designers at the show.

Create a friendly welcoming environment

When you are trying to sell your jewellery at an event, start by creating an open, friendly booth where people feel welcome to browse. Give them a warm, friendly smile and encourage them to touch and try on the jewellery. Have an easily accessible display interspersed with lots of mirrors so your customers can admire your jewellery on their own body. After all, would you buy a skirt at a boutique if you haven’t tried it on? Why should purchasing jewellery be any different?

Of course, shoplifting is always a concern but a booth space at a craft or jewellery show is only so large and you should be able to discretely keep an eye on the merchandise. If not, consider hiring an extra person to man your booth and watch for shoplifters.

In order to sell handmade jewellery, learn to cultivate and encourage the power of touch and you’ll benefit from a very satisfying increase in sales.

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